Flying Insect Control

Flying Insects Pest Control

We treat a wide variety of flying insects. These include bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, and flies. Depending on the source of the infestation we will evaluate where to properly treat and eliminate these pests from your location.

Flying Insects Pest Control

It is not uncommon with bees, wasps, and hornets to have to locate nests and entry locations to pinpoint where the pests are entering your location. We will investigate the source of your problem and take the necessary action to rid your location of flying insects.

Hornet Nest


This is a sight no homeowner wants to see. Use Caution this is hornets nest and they can be very dangerous if provoked. Hornets can attack in mass and cause quite painful if not deadly stings.

We have the expertise and equipment to both eradicate the hornets and remove the nest from your home.

Mud Dauber - Wasp

Wasps – Mud Daubers

There are a variety of species of wasps in Southern Indiana (around 10 or so). The name wasp and mud dauber are often used interchangeably but they can actually mean different types of wasps. Mud daubers build long pipe shaped nests from mud often found outside in barns or carports. They can be found in attics and other places as well. Some types of wasps are harmful with stingers, others are just a nuisance. We can help you identify and remove your wasps!



With a variety of species of bees in Indiana there can be a multitude of places bees can build nests. The bees shown here at honey bees which typically build nests above ground. Other species can build in the ground or inside your home. Carpenter bees can destroy wood structures over time by boring holes into them. Most bees possess stingers that can cause mild to severe injury when stung. If you have a bee problem give us a call!

House Fly


Mostly a nuisance pest flies can also lead to disease transmission and unsanitary conditions. Flies are common around Indiana and we have the technology and know how to remove them from your premises.

Flying Insect Control

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