Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites can be burden upon a home owner or prospective buyer should they be found. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material most notably wood in your home. These pests have a complex colony system and reproduction process.


Getting control of Termites can be a complex process and it is not recommended to do by yourself. It takes a trained professional such as Arab to get the job done properly. Failing to properly treat a termite infestation can ultimately lead to structural compromise and permanent damage. We use scientifically proven methods on finding and exterminating termites.

Termite Letter

Arab can perform termite inspections and provide the necessary Termite letter if needed specifying the presentence of or clearing the presence of termites at a particular location. We routinely conduct these sorts of inspections for prospective home buyers and realty companies.

Flying Ants vs Termites

A common mistake we see if misidentifying flying ants and termites. Although both are similar in size and basic look there are some striking differences. Note the flying ant has a hook on the antenna. It also has a much smaller defined pair of wings. The termite has a wide body along with its most defining characteristic the long slender wings. When seeing winged termites you’ll immediately note they appear to be walking wings they are quite large.


Classification of Termites

Termites are not all the same. They have several levels of maturity along with a variety of classifications. There is a king and queen for each colony. There are also workers and soldiers (2 and 3) which handle different roles in the colony.

Termite Types
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